Version History

Environment Systems is committed to the continuous development of its Data Services platform to improve  and expand product availability and ease of use. This page summarises the version history from early 2018 onwards.

1.8 July 2018

  • Enhance and extends metadata spec to include many extra useful fields
  • Unify metadata production across different dataset types
  • Calculate proportion of product covered by cloud for metadata
  • Implement new Data Services demonstrator page and layers
  • Additions to support new product bar and image comparison slider on portal front page
  • Fix a bug whereby regions could have non-alphanumeric names if imported from shapefile
  • Fix an issue whereby the system was returning incorrect (>100%) cloud cover
  • Show the filename of downloaded products in the "My Products" section
  • Fixed a long standing issue whereby dataset footprints occasionally had "gaps" present
  • Upgraded Sen2Cor to 2.5
  • Make filenames more standardised and unified across product types
  • Include more product information in the "Product Ready" email
  • Use a short product code in product file naming, rather than full name

1.7 May 2018

  • Include Terrain Flattening as part of our ARDL1 process for Sentinel 1
  • Faster responsive deletion of user products as a background job
  • Language switcher updates
  • Big re-work of product selection screen (with descriptions and thumbnail previews)
  • Fixed up some metadata wording and language issues
  • Email alerts and warning sent on account expiry
  • Fixes for incorrect cloud cover percentages being displayed on some datasets
  • Some usability fixes when displaying on small screens e.g., Tablets & Mobiles.
  • New Announcements system introduced
  • Products requested from the system should now come with pre-built pyramids, allowing responsive display of larger images in QGIS etc.
  • Some usability tweaks regarding text sizes and colours to increase accessibility
  • Fix a bug whereby if you list ALL datasets in the API, it only shows those that are valid to generate products from.
  • A few minor UI improvements (Removing the "Done" text from completed product lists, increasing the phone number input field length in user sign up, disabling data search dates in the future)
  • Introduce alerts in the front end to inform user that their premium subscription has expired when attempting to use the system
  • Warn if about to generate products with a high proportion of cloud content, and the cloud mask is enabled. This also introduces a confirmation dialog between requesting products, and their final generation.
  • Improve valid data footprint calculation so that all bands, rather than simply first, are used.
  • Many other misc/trivial minor bug fixes

1.6 January 2018

  • Bugfix for missing datasets on optical request (not sure why they are missing though)
  • Use less memory intensive clipping function, for faster product generation
  • Only show projections that are valid for your data sets on product configuration
  • Updates to translations
  • Fix for some optical product requests through API failing
  • Metadata additions for backscatter and optical mapping for sources into iso19139
  • Update the filename generation to include epsg